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I rolled into twitter like a gigantic pudding covered in gravy. Queer ace trans man. Absolutely not a YouTuber. [💉 8/27/15] [Jack • 33 • he/him • white]


Diagnosed by 4,127 people.
1. Which Quantum Break character are you? (25)
Find out which Quantum Break character you are.
2. [Mass Effect] Name Your Weapon! (1,591)
Not sure what to name your first weapon in Mass Effect Andromeda? Let me help.
3. [Mass Effect] Character Generator (395)
Generate your own Mass Effect dossier.
4. [Dragon Age] Your New OTP (433)
Who should you ship? Let me tell you.
5. [Dragon Age] Romance Generator (1,017)
Find out who you're going to romance, and how you'll win their heart.
6. [Dragon Age] How will you die? (666)
If you were an NPC in the Dragon Age universe, how and where would you die?
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