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17 | any pronouns | lesbian


Total people diagnosed : 45,459 people
1. what kind of horse girl are you (419)
2. your nct 2019 fursona (1,620)
enter into the new world
3. which loona xx song are u (546)
for all LOOΠΔs around the world. which song do u relate to the most? find out here!
4. the infinity gauntlet test (754)
which infinity stone/soul gem is the most important to you? *snaps*
5. itzy compatibility (1,660)
it b like that sometimes
6. lesbian supporters (619)
are they a lesbian supporter
7. do they stan loona (215)
do u or ur fav stan loona ? take this shindan & find out.
8. what do skz think of you (37,870)
can we get an f in the chat
9. your very own FOOL stats ! (1,062)
baby im FOOL
10. pizza stats (352)
find out how crusty u are
11. 100% real kpop gf scenarios (342)
will you yeet your new girlfriend out of her minecraft server? or will you cuddle her and pet her do...
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