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Passionate about Pretty Cure series (mostly Futari wa+SS) | NagiHono+bottom!Honoka and SakiMai stan (non-reversible) | EN/a bit of JP | please do not repost


Total people diagnosed : 6,859 people
1. Your Electone Model (59)
What kind of Electone model are you?
2. Your Destined Digi-Husband (883)
Who will be your Digi-Husband?
3. Favorite FT Guild (1,015)
What is your favorite guild in Fairy Tail?
4. DBZ Attacks (3,017)
What DBZ attacks will you use to destroy enemies?
5. OP Crews (790)
Which One Piece crew are you?
6. Digi-Lonewolves (688)
Which Digimon Rival/Lonewolf are you?
7. Fav Digimon Goggle Boys (407)
Which Digimon goggle boys are you?
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