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u missed ur spanish lesson


Diagnosed by 348 people
1. What's Nintendo's Controversy ... (11)
Why are gamers p***ed off about Nintendo now?
2. The Lingo Show OC Creator (20)
Find your Big Bug OC!
3. Content of your Curry (34)
Contains dad stuff, not to be taken seriously.
4. YTP Description Generator (29)
it shows your filth
5. Which spam are you? (45)
What ShindanMaker spam would you spam in a shindan?
6. F*ck, Marry, Kill (The Lingo Show Editio... (111)
Who would you end up with? ;)
7. What's your The Lingo Show ship? (3)
descriptiony description
8. YTP Name Generator (95)
Find a name for your YTP!
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