Ryuk Dougherty
@tabletio Twitter
yo i'm uh kira so that's a thing levi is my god, fuck you l8r sk8r watch out* for the h8rs ** haters pls kill me im bad
Over the rainbow obviously


Total people diagnosed : 64,096 people
1. Does Kira love you ?? (530)
see if i love u or not
2. Magic 6 Ball (333)
type in a question and see
3. Too lazy to do rock paper scissors ? (328)
I got u bro. Insert players names like [name 1/name 2]
4. Levi thinks (739)
hey come here and find out what ***Levi*** thinks of you.
5. Maid material or nah ? (1,812)
are you a good maid ??
6. What will you end ur sentence with ?? (406)
this shindan shall tell you what to end your sentences with for the next hour. whooo
7. Too lazy to flip a coin ? (59)
I got u bro
8. Random Advice (617)
enter your name, and get a random piece of advice in return. beware of sappy crap
9. Who do I ship you with (1,592)
find out who I ship /you/ with today !!!
10. Are you pretty ?? (1,193)
Find out of you're pretty or not. <3
11. How ugly are you ? (56,048)
find out how ugly you are
12. Your date !! (235)
13. What are you doing ?? (204)
testing shindan !!
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