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Total people diagnosed : 8,986 people
1. Your Mahou Shoujo Anime (297)
you're the star of a mahou shoujo anime. what is it like?
2. EXO fic prompter (2,310)
go write me fic
3. news fic prompt generator (305)
like finger love
4. Your DD Date (146)
you got a date w/ a DD会社 boy. lets see what happened.
5. DD Double Confession (124)
Two DD会社 boys confess to you. What now? Inspired by this https://shindanmaker.com/407885
6. johnnys/kishidan ship creator (806)
which johnnys/kishidan pairing should you ship today?
7. What should you do to GOT7? (4,440)
here's some advice.
8. EBiDAN combi generator (37)
why not!!!!! over 100 themes
9. johnnys fic prompt generator (115)
go write me fic
10. johnny's west fic prompt generator (93)
gayjanaika gayjanaika
11. Your J&A Date (264)
you got a date w/ a johnnys boy. lets see what friday got on yall. [kusanagi tsuyoshi = tsuyopon, do...
12. v6 fic prompt generator (49)
[sakamoto voice] sexy
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