Total people diagnosed : 7,508 people
1. Create your very own Anime (221)
Let the generator make an anime for you.
2. What kind of squishie are you? (517)
Squishies are soft and squishy foam like toys shaped like various things from food, candy, animals t...
3. What would you look like as a Touken Ran... (557)
Find out what you would look like as a touken danshi!
4. Soccer Spirits battle lines (73)
Generates battle lines for the characters generated with my other Shindans.
5. How will the Touken Ranbu boys react??? (1,563)
Do something to a random Touken Ranbu boy and see how he reacts to it! Warning: some results can con...
6. Create a Soccer Spirits character V2. (89)
The second version of my most popular shindan, this one will have more varied results by using diffe...
7. Your Touken Ranbu experience! (969)
Find out everything you need to know about your life in Touken Ranbu!
8. You meet a Soccer Spirits character! (138)
What will happen when you meet a character from Soccer Spirits? only 5-6* characters of both genders...
9. Soccer Spirits Team Generator! (414)
Generates a random team for you!
10. Who's your Soccer Spirits Husbando? (385)
Only 5-6* characters included.
11. Who's your Soccer Spirits Waifu? (743)
only 5-6* characters are included.
12. Your Soccer Spirits Chains! (411)
Find out who you are friends with, who your rivals and enemies are and even who you have a crush on!...
13. Your Soccer Spirits bio! (543)
Please also visit my other shindans to learn about your skills here: https://en.shindanmaker.com/696...
14. Create a Soccer Spirits character! (885)
Hey Soccer Spirits Fans! Are you ready for next week's patch update? We'll be adding a ne...
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