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leo 19 he/him


Total people diagnosed : 13,522 people
1. your svsss adventure (148)
into the svverse
2. jun wu adventure (63)
this is a joke
3. your cinnamon roll stats (842)
cinnamon roll... or sinnamon roll? ;-)
4. who in given will you date? (329)
ft ex, current s/o, and future spouse :3
5. which given character are you? (238)
what it says on the tin
6. your tgcf placements (431)
tgcfstrology... based off my mdzs one
7. your tgcf adventure (3,923)
into the tgcfverse [REVAMPED 10/04]
8. which tgcf character are you? (896)
kin assigns u a tgcf character
9. bitch/baby/bastard calculator (1,647)
what percent baby, bitch, and bastard are u?
10. mdzs as ur twt mutuals (1,675)
mdzs as ur twt mutuals
11. your mdzs placements (1,136)
sun moon rising
12. your mdzs adventure (1,558)
into the mdzsverse [REVAMPED 10/03]
13. [mdzs] which sect would you be in? (636)
find out which of the five main sects u belong in ^____^
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