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1. What do the eddsworld boys think of you? (52)
Who wants to give you smooch?
2. You as a halfa (169)
Want to be a halfa? Well step through the ghost portal and find out what you get!
3. What do you do in Danny phantom? (74)
You either kiss someone or you overshadow them
1 Dp Fun
4. What are you in danny phantom? (78)
Are you someone's daughter in a future timeline or something else?
5. Your Danny phantom Yandere! (70)
Who's your little murderous pogchamp?
0 Dp Love
6. Magical cape generator (89)
Get a magical sentient cape! If you got one with the same three powers it's a pure!
0 Cape
7. Ghost or halfa? (26)
If you wanted to be a ghost or halfa from the show Danny phantom try this.
8. You in danny phantom! (52)
Are you going ghost?
9. You as a ruler in star vs the forces of ... (81)
Become a butterfly
10. Switch bodies with a Wild Kratts charact... (33)
Through a magic spell you swapped with someone from the show wild Kratts! What happens during your t...
11. What chocolate kind are you? (100)
Gives you a random chocolate bar to be
12. What's your assigned mystery skulls... (63)
This gives you a theme song from the artist mystery skulls.
13. What kind of delicious food are you? (157)
Are you a scrumptious cake or a w.a.p.?
14. Which Wild Kratts character are you? (40)
Who are you, really? Are you who you think you are? Who you see in the mirror? Who speaks and thinks...
15. What kind of tail you have (73)
Gives you a tail
0 Tail
16. What you taste like. (389)
What you taste like
2 Food
17. Wild Kratts oc/Sona generator (30)
Get a wild Kratts character!
18. Undertale soul randomizer! (167)
Get a random undertale soul (colors =/ trait. Colors = self)
19. Homestuck god teir and land generator (41)
Get a god teir and land!
20. Kitsune oc generator (188)
Bored and have nothing else to do? Try this generator and get a magical fox oc!
21. Madoka magica oc/Sona! (92)
Get a madoka oc/Sona!
22. Your wild Kratts Yandere (girls only) (69)
Get your wild kratt yandere
23. Homestuck troll oc generator (79)
Get a troll oc/sona from this generator!
24. Who is your wild Kratts Yandere [boys on... (57)
Find out who is your Yandere.
0 Love
25. What can you bend? (120)
What can you bend in the world of avatar the last airbender?
26. What are you in fnaf? (162)
Tells you what you are!
27. Wild Kratts CPS generator (38)
Get a creature power suit!
28. Mystery skulls animated self (234)
Get a msa Sona or oc!
29. The owl house coven picker! (464)
This assigns you to a coven in the owl house.
30. Miraculous ladybug kwami owner! (198)
Put in your name and get a assigned kwami! (More kwamis to come when I learn their powers)
31. BNA beastman! (594)
Find out who you are as a beastman! Unleash your inner animal!
32. What is your Tokyo mew mew style? (98)
Find out what animal, color, food and weapon is!
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