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Total people diagnosed : 90,894 people
1. Which Minecraft Mob are you? (1,553)
Which NPC are you? Enemy or ally?
2. If you were rich... (1,749)
What would you do if you were rich
3. Which YouTuber are you? (1,491)
Don't look here, the title is self-explanatory... -.-
4. Which Sohma are you? (361)
Sohma's are from Fruits Basket :)
5. What Anime Genres are you? (1,996)
Would you watch you? XD (May be multiple of same genre)
6. ~Doctor Who Companion~ (566)
Which Doctor Who companion are you? From 1st to 11th Doctor!
7. -Zombie Apocalypse Team- (2,364)
Lord of The Rings, Anime, Video Game Character
8. Anime name! (28,137)
What is your 'anime hero' name?
9. Awesome-Meter (546)
On a scale of 1-100, how awesome are you?
10. What's your warrior name? (1,173)
What is the name of your most awesome self? :3
11. Your internet popularity (1,823)
How many followers/subs/likes do you have?
12. Your day in Ponyville (1,126)
Anything interesting happen today in Ponyville?
13. Your RPG inventory (4,087)
You're in an RPG. We've done you're stats, now what's in your inventory?
14. Your RPG statistics (35,108)
You're now in an RPG. What are your stats? (Max: 25)
15. What are you like and why (663)
Let's break you down into a few words.
16. What's your LoL team? (831)
Who's in your League of Legends team?
17. Who is your anime bf or gf? (1,204)
Who is your lucky guy/gal?
18. Your super name (595)
How awesome is your new name?
19. What anime will you watch next (861)
If you have not already seen this anime, watch it :)
20. What is your meal today? (195)
What weird thing shall you eat today...
21. What's wrong with you? (3,867)
There's something weird about you...
22. How Kawaii~ are you? 1-10? (598)
How Kawaii are you, on a scale of 1-10
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