Total people diagnosed : 43,306 people
1. Day6 concert (3,116)
What am i doing with my life
2. DAY6 ENERGY (11,705)
What day6 energy do YOU have?
3. Dreamcatcher energy (2,213)
Which dreamcatcher energy do you raditate?
4. Relationship with day6! (9,564)
Your relationship with the day6 members
5. Your compatibility with day6 (8,395)
Stream days gone by
6. Your compatibility with LOONA! (968)
Stream butterfly
7. your cross gene boyfriend (241)
Who is your bf in cross gene
8. Your day6 boyfriend! (5,169)
Jae Brian wonpil dowoon and sungjin
9. Your day6 song (1,935)
The title says it all I guess
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