sarah 🃏
@roseIeaf Twitter
if I could get a spaceship and get out of here I surely would. this is not the society I want to be a part of 💞 @tropi_tal
art cred in carrd | she/her 21


Total people diagnosed : 5,664 people
1. what is jyushimatsu doing today (1,372)
he does a lot of things but what is he doing today?
2. why is choromatsu crying today (1,522)
hes always crying but why
3. What naughty thing does hisoka want to d... (1,353)
hisoka wants to get naughty but WHAT WILL HE DO????? TAKE THIS TO FIND OUT ;)
4. why is illumi crying today? (607)
find out what made illumi cry
5. where will hisoka kiss u??? (810)
see where hisoka rfom hxh will take u on a date and KISS U
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