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I love to chibi draw and play games. ¦ I want more L!Marth till I +10 him ⊙_⊙ ¦ 右代宮戦人 enthusiast ¦ 昴 - Pleiades ¦ No art repost please
マギカントwhere FEH isnt available


Diagnosed by 36,782 people.
1. What's your role in Umineko? (14)
Role, just for fun.
2. How Are You Civilized? (355)
3. What Holiday Suits to You? (467)
Holiday! Holiday!
4. Tastes like... (2,057)
you taste like
1 food
5. Bishounen or Ikemen? (864)
bishie or ikemen?
6. What Pokémon Trainer Class Do You Belong... (2,076)
Pokémon Traineeeer!
7. What's your life genre will be? (871)
on the next day or next life or next year or next month
8. Wedding~ (and after that...) (634)
Put your name or your OTP... whatever. Based on my Elementary Days...
9. Are you a protagonist or antagonist? or ... (22,937)
Your Role...
10. What character tropes do you have? (1,263)
Lelele random characterization tropes~ (I got it from TVTropes)
11. Yandere level (4,189)
How yandere are you?
12. Who is your Hetalia best friend? (1,055)
just for fun
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