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Total people diagnosed : 19,953 people
1. Are you heterophobic? (224)
Well, are you?
2. Who is your LOONA soulmate? (119)
Who is it?
3. Are you dumb? (1,406)
This will show you if youre dumb or not.
4. In which Kpop group will you debut? (416)
See in which group you will debut! Will you debut in a group like BTS or ATEEZ? or more nugu groups ...
5. How would your Kpop boy/girl/co-ed group... (338)
The title says it all.
6. What is your furry emoticon? (906)
Is it OwO? UwU? -W-? or maybe nwn? We'll see
7. How well would you do on Produce 101? (2... (449)
A remade version of my old shindan If someone didn't know, Produce 101 is a competition show wh...
8. How you met a BTS member (463)
What will happen? Will you become friends with a BTS member? Or maybe you'll marry them? This ...
9. How big is your dick*****weiner whatever... (3,158)
Yes, this shit exists. If you want to, check my other shindans out.
10. Your Cuteness Score :3 (6,190)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's "Cuteness Score."
11. With with artist will you collab with? (271)
With which artist/singer/musician/k-pop idol will ya collab with? Use this test to find out!
12. What is your mental age? (256)
We'll see
13. Your stats as a kpop idol/singer (2,020)
We'll see-
14. Your Own Kpop Boy Group (804)
Type in the group's name (like ATEEZ, for example) and see how they'll do or be like
15. Are you gay, straight, pan or bi? (2,494)
The title says it all my friend!
16. How well would you do on Produce 101? (439)
How well would you do on Produce x 101?
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