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Kris [kʀɪs] 1. First Mate/Cook | 2. mum friend | 3. angst fucker | 4. DCMK, OP, HQ & i7 | 5. Local Conan Dealer | 6. 21+ | Queen Kris🍷| ❗️NO SPOILER POLICY❗️
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Total people diagnosed : 16,167 people
1. Your Life as an Idol (7,225)
You as an Idol
2. HypMic Relationships (2,188)
Your Relationships with HypMic characters
3. Which HypMic Character Are You? (1,936)
Find out which HypMic character you are
4. Idolish7 Relationships (1,153)
Your Relationships with Idolish7 characters
5. Your OC Creator (988)
Create your own OC (including magical stuff)
6. Which IDOLiSH7 Character Are You? (914)
Find out which IDOLiSH7 character you are
7. One Piece Relationships (905)
Your Relationships with One Piece characters
8. Detective Conan Relationships (399)
Your Relationships with Detective Conan characters
9. Which Detective Conan Character Are You (250)
Find out which Detective Conan Character you are
10. How will you die and when? (209)
How will you die and when?
Create a diagnosis
Make your very own diagnosis!
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