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March ♡ 23 ♡ She/her ♡ English & 日本語 ♡ Fire Emblem & FFXIV ♡ Cotota Himaa @ ultros ♡ SHB spoilers! ♡ no reposts, credit if using my work for pfp ♡ See website!


Total people diagnosed : 4,758 people
1. Christmas FE Heroes Generator (434)
What would this character be like in a Christmas themed event?
2. FE Fates: Support Specific Child Unit Ge... (625)
write down the names of the parents and this generator will take care of the rest!
3. Fe heroes event character generator (712)
Generates a special event character
4. FE16 OC/Canon Paralogue Generator (354)
Type in your OC’s name to generate a paralogue they would share with a canon character!
5. fire emblem rp generator (133)
want a setting for your FE rp? look no further
6. Fire Emblem Stats (321)
See how OP or Trash Tier you are!
7. So you wanna live in the FE:Fates univer... (662)
Click here and find out what your destiny is~
8. Type Moonsona Generator (982)
Ever wondered what you would be like if you were born in the Type Moon verses? Click here to find ou...
9. Valentines FE Heroes Generator (388)
What would this character be like in a Valentines themed event?
10. Your next FE sona (147)
find your next sona
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