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i just wanna get to the point where it's not about how fast i can spell my name when you ask


Total people diagnosed : 12,397 people
1. What kind of wizard would you be? (1,750)
(if you were in a harry potter kind of book) your powers, your weaknesses, your strengths, the type ...
2. What type of rich person are you? (495)
You suddenly have millions of dollars. Who will you become?
3. What will you be in your next life? (612)
What's going to happen in your next life?
4. Which god/goddess is your parent? (3,332)
You're a demigod in a mortal world. Who's your heavenly parent?
5. What kind of mystical being are you? (6,208)
Find out if you're a vampire, werewolf, nymph, etc. every being has a bad quality, don't w...
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