Total people diagnosed : 14,057 people
1. Setting? (179)
Where shall this be set?
2. Howw will you die? (1,250)
How will you die fairly simple all in good fun
3. Character Generator - Powers (2,124)
What powers do they have? Check out other generators! Powers range from completely ordinary to omnip...
4. Character Generator - Personality 2 (1,398)
Check out other Character Generators! Has Extroversion, sense of style, and confidence.
5. Character Generator - Personality 1 (3,210)
Check out other Character Generators! Personality one has sense of humor, intelligence, and alignmen...
6. Character Generator - Surname (1,301)
A surname Generator. You can create your own first name!
7. Character Generator - Appearance 2 (957)
Second Appearance Generator because the first was way two long. This one has eyes and nose
8. Character Generator - Appearance 1 (1,372)
A Character Appearance Generator. This One does Height and Weight, and Hair. Also see Appearance ...
9. Character Generator - Basics (2,266)
A Generator For Character Basics. Also see Name, Appearance, Abilities and Personality Generator
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