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eighth doctor simp. snakes for hair. 21. any pronouns appropriate.


Total people diagnosed : 16,700 people
1. SSBB character (941)
Who are you in Super Smash Bros Brawl?
2. You got the power (2,364)
Well, you seem to have magical powers!
3. Your Fantasy Name* (7,258)
Female Version
4. Your Fantasy Name (2,888)
Male Version
5. Crossroads (246)
The simplest of them all.
6. Monster! (1,799)
What the heck are you?!
7. AE- Meeting Your Hero (195)
What would your character say to you?
8. The Kiddie Park! (244)
What did you do at the kiddie park?
9. Instrument Abuse! (413)
What are you doing to those instruments?!
10. Defeat The Snow Queen (117)
Can you defeat the Snow Queen?
11. How do you defeat Flore? (43)
Go on! Do it!
12. Medieval Scottish Village (111)
Small roles for small villages.
13. Snow Queen's Court (81)
Do you please the Snowy White Queen?
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