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Total people diagnosed : 11,283 people
1. Who in Loona are you closest to? (246)
This diagnoses uses the chart function =CHART() in order to create a radar chart.
2. Who in loona is under your bed rn (380)
3. What position would you be in kpop? (4,622)
What position would you be in a kpop group?
4. How good will you be as a kpop idol? (1,035)
Rating out of ten in different categories (singing, dancing, rapping, cute and visual)
5. Continent your kpop group is most succes... (412)
Which continent would your K-pop group be most successful in?
6. Life With Blackpink (3,671)
What is your life like with Blackpink?
7. Life in K-pop (573)
What is your life in kpop like?
8. What percentage kpop are you (344)
Are you very kpop
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