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Total people diagnosed : 5,849 people
1. little reminders (183)
we babies tend to forget things sometimes!!
2. time to go to the park! (157)
what will your park adventure be like??
3. daycare behavior chart! (536)
how well were you behaved today at daycare?
4. your baby stats! (2,121)
how are you when babie? >:3
5. what will your onesie look like? (474)
make a onesie!!
6. what to do when regressed (270)
don’t know what to do while regressed? try this! (results change every 24 hours!)
7. what will your paci look like? (291)
you’re getting a new paci! which will it be?
8. nini time! (262)
what’s your bedtime routine?
9. how valid is your regression? (345)
how valid??
10. play date!! (245)
what will you do on your play date?
11. how babie are you?? (965)
what percent babie are you?
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