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Total people diagnosed : 47,412 people
1. What Kemono Friend are you? (3,337)
welcome to youkoso shindanmaker park
2. The Next Doujinshi Star (1,670)
have a happy doujin life
3. Your Roguelike Death (4,661)
Sadly, your journey has come to an end. How the heck did THAT happen? Find out now!
4. Your Idol Statistics (22,708)
What are your Love Live vital statistics?
5. The Molecular Gastrono-matic (209)
Looking for some haute cuisine but don't have $300 to spare? Try this Shindan and eat like the ...
6. My Idol Debut (2,583)
Form a unit, hit the stage, and meet your idol destiny! Ready? Music Start! (iM@S/Love Live/other st...
7. Date A (Love) Live (10,311)
What will your dream evening with your school idol waifu be like? (µ's/Aqours/A-RISE/Saint Snow...
8. Mai Aidoru Laifu (1,933)
What mark will you leave on the world of idols?
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