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Total people diagnosed : 27,485 people
1. Your New Cursed Fetish (1,068)
You've now got a fetish for ____...? Wow, that's kinda f***ed up really.
2. Japanese Name Generator Unisex (267)
Japanese names that are for the most part unisex. Helpful for character creation!
3. Japanese Surname Generator (2,627)
Generates 1 random Japanese surname (last name).
4. Japanese Name Generator (Male) (783)
Will generator 1 masculine Japanese name. (see my surname generator and pair the results for a full ...
5. Female Japanese Name Generator (736)
This will generate 1 feminine given name. (See my Japanese surname generator to pair results) Look u...
6. Blood Type Generator (4,519)
Which blood type would your character be?
7. Homestuck Character Gen (864)
Tired of actually giving a crap and trying to figure out what you would be like as a troll? Working ...
8. Your BNHA Role (4,155)
Think you have what it takes to fight among heroes?
9. OC Profile Generator (899)
Create a character generator for anything! Especially helpful when making OCs.
10. Create a Zanpakutō (10,956)
Make a Zanpakutō for you or a character you made.
11. Which Assassination Classroom Class Are ... (611)
Find out which of the classes you would be in if you were going to Kunugigaoka Junior High School in...
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