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oh god I don’t know how to play roller coaster tycoon oh please someone help oh fuk I skipped the tutorial yes


Total people diagnosed : 3,741 people
1. Government assigned youtuber Kin (87)
What's your kin uwu?
2. What's your 2019 alignment? (74)
egirl? ex-james charles stan?
3. Are you an eboy? (258)
are u?
4. What percent egirl are you? (231)
5. What type of GF do you have? (164)
6. What type of BF do you have? (131)
7. What Animal Crossing Personality Are You... (153)
8. What does your sonic oc look like? (336)
this is completely necessary, trust me
9. What Kaomoji Are You? (125)
10. What Phase Are You Going Through? (148)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
11. Who is in love with you? (149)
Wanna know who is head over heels for you?
12. What percent weeb are you? (173)
Are you curious? Or just bored?
13. What bf are you? (124)
wanna know what kinda bf you are?
14. What gf are you? (255)
Wanna know what kinda gf you are?
15. What stuffed animal are you? (1,149)
What stuffed animal are you?
16. what type of shirt would you be? (184)
what if you were a shirt?
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