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Total people diagnosed : 14,728 people
1. Ur Partner In Demon Slayer (2,032)
Okay so..... U can be a demon or demon slayer here
2. Which Demon Slayer Will Kill You If You&... (1,676)
So... Yeah, the title say it all.
3. Confess To HypMic Character. (3,786)
What will they react? (I'm inserting Nemu too, btw) Edit: New division too. + Ichijiku + Otome
4. Your KnB Family and What School You Ente... (231)
Includes the coaches and Alex. (Also Nash and Silver) Notes: I'm not inserting all of the chara...
5. Who Is Your HQ Mom? And What Will Your M... (1,275)
I dunno if I insert all of the Mom Squad.
6. Who is Your HypMic Family? (5,728)
I'm inserting husband, child, brother, and also pet. Don't worry, this is just for fun :D...
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