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Hi! This is Kanami! A peruvian college student who loves drawing and reading books! I love Hetalia & K. 猿美大好きだ!スペイン語や英語大丈夫です。日本語でがんばっています@w@!


Total people diagnosed : 35,272 people
1. Your USUK doujin (1,745)
Wich USUK doujinshi story you should be reading today? (only for APH fans)
2. Your Hetalia date (16,538)
Find out wich is your perfect date from the Hetalia characters
3. Cosplay Hetalia character (8,657)
wich Hetalia character and how would you cosplay best?
4. HETALIA OTP (8,332)
Find out wich is your OTP of this anime show
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