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Total people diagnosed : 1,028 people
1. Who Kins You? (276)
doubles invalid
2. shitty kin assigner (261)
except this time they're not all from sitcoms
3. Style Idea Generator (228)
Instant ideas for your new style, aesthetic, or theme
4. Which Only Fools character are you? (107)
Which Only Fools and Horses character are you?
5. Which TV Show should you watch next? (96)
mostly britcoms but i'll try to add more
6. Red Dwarf Alignment (17)
Which character(s) are you most like?
7. Peep Show Alignment (16)
How Sophie, Jeremy, Mark, Super Hans and Dobby are you
8. Mods/Rockers Subculture Alignment (14)
Find out if you are a mod, rocker, mid (mixture) or fogey (unaligned).
9. Which Mighty Boosh character are you? (13)
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