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Total people diagnosed : 17,798 people
1. Witchsona/Wizardsona Maker (5,937)
Make your witch/wizard and draw him/her! If you want a different result, just try using your surname...
2. Character Design Prompts (1,871)
A blatant but worse (because it's free... duh) ripoff of, go there for a bette...
3. Outfit Generator (1,820)
Use with my other shindan (female character face & body makers) for a cool drawing concept
4. New Name Maker (848)
Use it for your fantasy story!
5. Lifetime Movie Title Generator (827)
The trash movie of your life. Create titles the level of genius of 'Mother, May I Sleep With Da...
6. Female Character Face Maker (793)
This'll make you a female OC, I guess. Use in conjuncture with
7. Female Character Body Maker (649)
To find out about her face, hair and skin, go to
8. OC Concept Help (604)
Shindan in correlation with LavenderTowne's 'DRAW THIS, NOT THAT [Can You Fix a Bad OC?]; ...
9. Character Creator Maker (480)
This makes a vaguely ridiculous complex character! Yeah, I know it doesn't all 100% work. The r...
10. Magical Girl Maker? (458)
This is a really disfunctional and kind of rubbish sona maker
11. Dress Maker (424)
This makes a kind of crazy dress concept?? You'll probably have to google some terms.
12. Character Shape Theory Design (411)
This defines the shapes for an original character. For example, Jafar from Aladdin has a small verti...
13. Random Drawing or Writing Prompt (318)
This'll spit out a random adjective and two random nouns from an extremely large wordbank. For ...
14. Malaphor Maker (284)
Make a malaphor out of two idioms! It's like a game. But boring. I know, I know, I astonish eve...
15. Ballet Choreography (246)
This spews out really odd ballet choreography sequences?
16. Harry Potter Randomizer (231)
bleep bloop
17. A Month of Word Prompts Generator (211)
You can use it as an inktober gen, or just if you feel like doing a month-long art or writing challe...
18. Drawing prompts (185)
Two random words to combine. Look at Kasey Golden's Youtube videos for examples.
19. Concept Dress Game (174)
My sister and I created a game where you choose a random existing thing and do a fashion sketch rela...
20. Hunger Games (160)
See yourself in the hunger games! Changes every day
21. 4-Word Character Concept (155)
Make a cute little character out of these four words!
22. Draw a Babe Concept Gen (132)
Make a babe!
23. Username Gen (125)
Makes a silly lil username for a site! Check if it's available at spinxo dot com
24. Illustration Prompts (123)
An animal and a subculture or dress style
25. Three Colour Challenge Hexadecimal Codes (115)
This'll give you the hex codes for three random colours! You can use it for challenges or whate...
26. Tumblr Name Gen (96)
The standard funky two-parter- check availability at
27. Art Concept Gen (88)
Draw something cool and random! Look under drinkdraw hashtags. Play games with your friends. It'...
28. Shanli Yao Yao characters thing (33)
!THIS WONT MAKE ANY SENSE! this is... weird it only really makes sense to me oh well I didnt privati...
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