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Total people diagnosed : 444,680 people
1. Which Shinee member are you most like (206)
Sorry about the colors
2. How compatible are you with your bias? (33,447)
Instead of putting in your name, put your bias'
3. Twitter with Shinee (951)
There's already a version like this (https://en.shindanmaker.com/902718) so I decided to make a...
4. Who is Neha's best friend? (103)
..and group of friends. I would've added this to the title but it would've gotten too long
5. Who becomes Quinn's best friend? (130)
I used the groups you listed in your carrd. And I hope you're doing well!!
6. Who is in your friend group? (3,563)
I used your bias list for this (I didn't list NCT because there are too many of them). Also I h...
7. Who becomes your best friend? (2,852)
Surprise (not really), I used your ults. Also, I thought this was cute
8. Which signs should you fight? (522)
Based on a tumblr post I saw, I would link it but it got cut off because it was so long. Also I dou...
9. Which Hogwarts House will Kibum sort you... (487)
If you're not happy with your result, visit http://wizardmore.com/sorting-hat-x/ Also i don...
10. Summer's Life with BTS (432)
Title is misleading, kind of. I hope you're doing amazing though!!
11. What If We Kissed Part 2 (2,755)
I like this better than the 1st one and there are a few things that doesn't make sense if you&#...
12. Jungkook's message to Zainab (97)
This is so cute omg, like I got soft typing the messages 😔💕💕 Also this is actually personalized for ...
13. Which group becomes Fiona's friend ... (25)
The title is weirdly worded, but i hope you like this and that you're doing amazing!!
14. Who loves Haz the most? (25)
I hope you like this and that you're doing well!! 💓💓
15. Red Velvet Placements (457)
Haetnim, love that dog. Also sun represents the personality or ego, moon represents emotions and how...
16. Which set of emojis are you? (1,305)
RANDOM RESULTS. If an emoji appears twice, choose a different one. PLEASE READ THIS: Made with an an...
17. Seventeen Placements (1,555)
Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Rising included. Sun presents ego (personality), moon deals wit...
18. Shinee placements (2,240)
Just like what the title says and if you know about astrology and how shinee acts, this would make s...
19. Who would win in a fight? (247)
I wanted to use the fight scenario once and i thought it'd be interesting to do it with your ge...
20. Would You Rather? (206)
Namjoon and Taehyung because I remember seeing you post about Tae at times. But if you want someone ...
21. Who has your heart? (291)
The title is misleading, sorry about that
22. The only person that matters to Anna (44)
It's personalized for you
23. For Aalie (28)
This is cute tbh. So it started off cute but then I started to write dumb things. But there are stil...
24. You know who is the _____? (61)
Idk why I made this kind of generator. It's not bad, but I feel like you would've wanted s...
25. Who wants Tayler to be happy? (9)
Not to be that person, but it's ! £^!*/!/£$(/ Also the people I listed are the people I'v...
26. Who would ____ and ___ Litha (29)
It's not gross or sexual, I just wanted to change up the generators I've been doing
27. Which Yoongi wants to spend just one day... (119)
Yeah, yeah
28. Which Minho would take Gia out on a date... (59)
I don't know Shinee's era that well since I've been mainly a Minho stan for 3 years. ...
29. What does Pri want? (14)
30. Who wants to ruin Sarah's life? (33)
I looked at your tumblr to see who I can include for this and yeah. I hoped you're doing well!!
31. Who is the only person that matters to N... (25)
Not to be that person who ruins the ending, but it's [redacted]
32. Taryn's hobbies with (11)
I had fun making this and i hope you like it!! Fyi I used your bias and likes list from your carrd.
33. Cute hobbies with Roxy (20)
This is so cute tbh and I based the hobbies by what you have in your bio. I even added a few things,...
34. Palu's Life (38)
Tbh i had fun making this and it sounds like a weird telenovela. Also I used VAV's stage names ...
35. Pri's future (34)
I used kpop idols and obviously this is for fun. I think you'll like it even though I could...
36. Who is Brenda's soulmate? (13)
Not to give it away, but it's namjoon
37. What makes Aisha smile? (18)
Not going to lie, this sounds like "just girly things" but it wasn't my intention, I ...
38. Gabbie's Life (10)
I like what I did with your generator since it's personalized for you even though it sounds lik...
39. Lucy's cute date (3)
Sounds exactly what the title offers and I think you will like it
40. Dax's future with (10)
I wanted to turned this into MASH but I've done too many of those already so I included astrolo...
41. Who is Miya's love of her life? (21)
Spoilers: it's you know who. Also I used your bias list from your carrd.
42. Alex's Love of Her Life (9)
This is such a huge surprise, I hope you like this. Also I hope you're doing well!!
43. Who is most likely to save Aalie's ... (10)
Spoiler alert: it's [redacted]. Also I didn't know who else to add, so this is definitely ...
44. Aira's list of happiness (12)
I mainly used your carrd and the results changes everyday. Also you might see more things added over...
45. Neha's future (16)
I made yours into MASH and instead of having 4 people as your options to marry, I added everyone in ...
46. How much does Shinee's Minho loves ... (123)
Choi Minho is the only man and you're the only woman, god bless. Also I love seeing you around,...
47. Ru's aesthetic (29)
You have a pretty aes and you're the only blog on tumblr. Also I'm sorry about this.
48. Your future with bts (2,520)
I made this into MASH generator minus the salary part. I hope you like this!! Also I feel like we�...
49. Meghan's Energy (28)
Idk why i kept laughing when I saw the preview of your generator. Anyways, ily and I'll always ...
50. Who Is Most Likely To Steal Melani'... (43)
I learned how to change the colors so it looks the jumpsuits bts wore for festa or a photo shoot. An...
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