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22 🍂 ♒️ 🍂 She/Her 🍂 Autistic 🍁 Royale High, Adopt Me, Crown Academy 🍁 Object Shows 🍁 Clocks 🍁 Baseball 🍁 Sister: @karakuriz 🍁 #FlyHighLizzy
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Total people diagnosed : 4,104 people
1. Which Royale High Halo Are You? (44)
You will you be your dream halo, your own halo, your favorite halo or just a random halo?
2. Royale High Random Avatar Generator! (3,641)
Use your diagnosis to dress up your Royale High avatar! Note: You can pick any hairstyle and any col...
3. Royale High Town Wheel! [Wave 1] (135)
In Royale High’s lobby, there is a wheel where you can spin to win or your fate! Wave 1 began in Oct...
4. Royale High Daily Routine! (284)
What is your fairy type and how does your day go at Royale High? *Note: The Gourmet Cheese Platter ...
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