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1. Zerian Color palette generator (126)
[Uses hex, insert hex code into a hex decoder to get color]
2. Danganronpa SHSL generator (1,855)
Credit to 1170 talents list for all the shsl
3. How were you murdered (691)
A simple shindan that I make when I was bored
4. Random secret generator (1,354)
Some of these are silly and some of these are serious.
5. Disease and illness creator (961)
Generates a disease name and gives five symptoms. Names will either be made up of two different word...
6. What variety of apple are you ? (206)
What kind of apple are you????
7. What kind of pasta are you (255)
Yumm- What kind of pasta are you?
8. Magical Pair of Wings Generator (946)
For Fairies, Angels, Demons and anything else
9. Unique Skin generator (848)
Generates a unique skin type for any character
10. Avlor Character Generator (110)
Avlorians are a species I created, they are androgynous and keep genders as secrets. They live in cl...
11. Insult generator (521)
Wip Contains really foul language
12. Ethnicity generator (16,974)
This generator will give you an ethnicity. Since people can be many different mixes of ethnicities r...
13. Random color scheme (432)
Will generate a random color scheme
14. What flavor pudding are you!? (293)
These are all legit pudding flavors.
15. UTAU Voice generator (273)
Will give a UTAU voice type and which Resampler it would work best with and what OTO they have. This...
16. Fancy dress generator (646)
This generator will describe a formal dress.
17. Eye generator (1,424)
Finished! An eye generator that will most likely generate unnatural eyes for a character.
18. Hair generator[Natural version] (766)
19. Detailed hair generator (1,737)
20. Cause of death generator! (9,440)
How does you're character(or you) die? UPDATED BECAUSE OF POPULARITY, 3/14/18: Choking and suic...
21. Japanese Name! [Female] (179)
Not done!! I probably won't work on this again for like a week X-X Idek
22. Body Type Generator[Female] (5,426)
Insert a character name here and get a body type including height, shape, type and breast size. Not ...
23. Fantasy Character Generator[Male] (205)
Lots of NPC's- 275+ First names 170+ Last names And common professions are duplicated meaning i...
24. Fantasy Food[Vegtable] (184)
This generator combines vegetables using a suffix and prefix, You will get names that sound like the...
25. Fantasy Character Generator[Female] (578)
Lots of NPC's- 800+ First names 170+ Last names And common professions are duplicated meaning i...
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