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Total people diagnosed : 19,851 people
1. nflying relationships! (21)
relationship with nflying!
2. life with onlyoneof (13)
oh my goodness
3. fight with treasure (28)
what will happen :0
4. a day with mcnd (22)
what could happen in a day?
5. mcnd relationships! (12)
relationship with mcnd!
6. who will you marry in cix? (435)
who takes your hand in marriage~
7. cix compatibility! (713)
your compatibility with cix!
8. relationship with ateez (935)
what's your relationship with these 8 lovely boys?
9. cix instagram groupchat (274)
you're in a groupchat with cix, what could go wrong?
10. ab6ix compatibility! (204)
your compatibility ab6ix!
11. your ab6ix boyfriend (159)
who in ab6ix is your boyfriend~?
12. x1 compatibility! (1,899)
who are you most compatible/least compatible with in x1?
13. who will you marry in x1? (5,888)
who's your future husband~
14. School With X1 (1,231)
Just a normal school day with X1
15. random a.c.e scenarios (339)
erm... byeongkwan put sehyoon down :p
16. your x1 boyfriend (3,316)
who in x1 is your boyfriend~?
17. debuting as a kpop idol! (348)
what will your idol career look like?
18. your oneus energy (1,218)
who's energy do you radiate?
19. oneus compatibility (2,018)
your compatibility with oneus!
20. your oneus boyfriend (206)
who in oneus is your boyfriend?
21. School With A.C.E (253)
Just normal school life with A.C.E~
22. A Day With VICTON (243)
What lies in store in this day with VICTON?
23. A Day With 1the9 (76)
What lies in store in this day with 1the9?
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