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1. Creature Hybrid (108)
a hybrid creature generator
2. Theme Song'd (58)
random songs that can be used as your or your character's theme song. many genre and results.
3. character quirks (386)
quirks / traits / trivia
4. Character Design KNKL Method (49)
Based on Kienan Lafferty's vid about successful character design
5. Archetype Generator (336)
random archetype
6. Archetype Profile Creator (149)
for creating characters or something. Pulled from different sources
7. If you were an anime boy hhhhhh (259)
updated frequently. good OC creator too.
8. Mythical Humanoid gen. (666)
you as a mythical humanoid! updated frequently.
9. Touken Ranbu OC (387)
TouRanbu OC generator~~ u should also check out my stats generator
10. Touken Ranbu STATS! (284)
set up like the wiki pages; max values and (toku max values)
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