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Total people diagnosed : 41,953 people
1. Animal Crossing New Horizons 🍃 (227)
Updates to come as I complete title achievements. Time traveling to nab some extra.
2. FFXIV 🍔🍟 (147)
I could go for a burger.
3. Animal Crossing 🍃 (297)
Villager generator that could make you something like a Cranky Deer, or a Peppy Bat.
4. Fallout New Vegas Stats (142)
These Are Your NCR Assigned Stats
5. 5e (74)
A 5e dnd generator for fun and inspiration.
6. GW2 Dyes (31)
There is no color theory here, only chaos.
7. Quirk Generator (39,978)
Randomly generates your quirks and roles.
8. ✨Fantasy Generator✨ (409)
General Fantasy Generator
9. Fallout New Vegas RP (322)
Because I like to have playthroughs with different goals in mind for each character file. Note that ...
10. Pathfinder (325)
Extensive race and class combinations included from 3rd party publishers. A generator for inspiratio...
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