Total people diagnosed : 367,114 people
1. [LOONA] your solo debut song (7,821)
i love them hihi
2. which nct member crushes u (33,856)
with a little surprise!
3. which wannaone member crushes u (10,049)
with a little surprise!
4. which sad/ballad kpop song is your anthe... (9,920)
yep. sadpeople.
5. whos your loona bestfriend (9,348)
yo have fun
6. relationship with wannaone (39,277)
wanna one ver! :D
7. your life as an kpop idol (154,866)
have fun! :D
8. whos your oh my girl soulmate (605)
including jine!
9. relationship with nct (71,379)
i love them thats it
Hot! 27 nct
10. relationship with loona! pt2 (4,771)
bc yes
11. you as an loona member (13,505)
inspired by vulvacrat! <3
12. your loona song! (1,952)
the title says it all
13. loona soft scenarios! (1,836)
its... soft... i think...
14. relationship with loona (2,267)
between friends, lovers, neighbors and sister/brother!
15. who's your loona soulmate? (5,662)
with all 12th girls!
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