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Total people diagnosed : 33,966 people
1. Hypmic Life (2,166)
Find out your life in the hypmic universe 👀
2. Hypmic Romance (Choose Your Own Love!) (610)
**Note: Do NOT enter your own name. Enter your fave hypmic character's name instead!!!!!!** A r...
3. Hypmic BL Generator (402)
It's gay. that's it that's the shindan
4. Welcome to the Division! (629)
You're in the hypmic universe! Congrats! Who are you and how will your life turn out?
5. A Hypmic Date (3,720)
You're going on a date with a Hypmic character! How will it go? (Includes the main 6 divisions ...
6. Shining Live Gacha Simulator (819)
Wondering what the next gacha pair will be? Will best boy come home? Find out here!
7. Shining Shenanigans (311)
I don't even know what this is - just random shenanigans involving utapri characters XD Have fu...
8. An Utapri Romance (1,651)
This shindan is even sweeter than Camus' coffee
9. Welcome To Utapri World - Updated! (1,001)
An update of my old shindan, with more variety (and weirdness). Enjoy~ (Also includes Heavens this t...
10. Fluffy Date - Furry Rock Band Edition (165)
So this is my usual fluff/silly shindan, but a show by rock edition this time! Only includes (most) ...
11. Why Are The Touken Danshi Angry? (337)
You've done something and it's annoyed one of the sword boys, but just what on earth did y...
12. Touken Ranbu Fluff (355)
Exactly what it says on the tin: some fluffy stuff with a sword...what could possibly go wrong? (Doe...
13. Tsukipro Date! (618)
You go on a date with a Tsukipro boy! Do you have a lovely fluffy date, or does something go wrong??...
14. Touken Ranbu Incident (420)
What are the sword boys up to this time? Find out in this shindan ;) (Only includes swords from Hana...
15. Utapri Shuffle Unit (Updated!!) (739)
So my original shuffle unit shindan was missing Heavens, and after the anniversary announcements tod...
16. Why are the Utapri boys angry? (1,603)
What have you done to annoy these boys?? A silly collab with @grinnsley because these shindans were ...
17. Your Utapri Admirer? (1,625)
Is there an utapri boy out there who likes you? Could it be you're already married? (Almost ent...
18. A Fluffy Date with an Utapri boy!! (1,978)
Unlike a certain other person's shindans (looking at you @grinnsley) this one is going to be pu...
19. Welcome to Utapri World! (2,199)
If you were part of the Utapri universe, what would your role be? And what would the boys think of y...
20. Utapri Pairing Situation (1,849)
You walk in on two of the boys...doing what?! (nothing nsfw, don't worry these are pure bois)
21. Utapri duet generator!! (1,059)
A new duet project, which could end up terribly...or kinda gay (this is basically the same as my pre...
22. Utapri Shuffle Unit!! (1,378)
You're in charge of writing a song for a new shuffle unit involving STARISH and Quartet Night!!...
23. Idol generator!! (5,167)
Yourself as an idol boy/girl? Or a new OC? You decide!
24. New Tsukipro unit!! (764)
You're in charge of managing a new Tsukipro unit! Who will be part of the group? And who will c...
25. B-Project Crushes!! (408)
Which boy do you have a crush on? And which boy has a crush on you?
26. Utapri crushes!!! (1,993)
Which Utapri boy do you have a crush on? And which boy has a crush on you? Inspired by a tsukiuta ve...
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