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(Jay, 27, He/Him) Lover of Japanese wrestling as a whole. Random other interests as well. AXIZ / L.I.J / Sweeper
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1. Street Fighter Crackship Generator (79)
Put your name in and get your random SF ship of the day! Over 60 characters with a couple alteration...
2. Random Bleach Pairing (140)
Put in your name and get YOUR own Random pairing of characters from Tite Kubo's BLEACH!
3. What kind of bender are you? (1,901)
What is your bending type? This includes any special versions of already established bending types a...
4. Your Tekken Tag Team (367)
Put name in and get a random team. If you get the same character twice that's your sole character.
5. Random TF2 character? (539)
Put name in. You get character. NOT BIG SURPRISE. EDIT: Includes characters from TF comics and bac...
6. The Arcana Generator (4,426)
Put your name to reveal your major arcana!
7. Tekken Girl Scenario Generator (830)
Put your name in and voila~!!
8. What DBZ character are you? (767)
You guys know the deal, put name in and VOILA~ you're now a FREAKIN DBZ CHARACTER! HUZZAH!
9. Pokémon Type Specialty (1,882)
Enter name and get a type specialty
10. What's your legendary/mythical Poké... (28,496)
Put your name in to find out what your legendary/mythical pokemon is!
11. Your Pokémon typing? (1,623)
Put your name in, get a random Pokémon typing.
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