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Total people diagnosed : 31,818 people
1. your compatibility with ab6ix (2,342)
2. your lovelyz girlfriend (201)
hello lovelinus
3. your wedding with wanna one (736)
4. working with wanna one (706)
find ur new co-worker
5. your wedding with AB6IX (1,153)
6. your wedding with golden child (412)
find out who you marry and what type of wedding you’re having!
7. oneweus as ur twitter mutuals (1,104)
hello oneus onewe nation
8. ab6ix as ur twitter mutuals (1,974)
this is so humiliating
9. golden child as your twitter mutuals (410)
insp. by a wanna one ver
10. working with golden child (332)
find out which member is your co-worker and where you work
11. working with ab6ix (666)
find out which member is ur co-worker and where you work at
12. high school life with ONEUS (1,392)
13. high school life with ab6ix (1,006)
14. high school life with golden child (522)
insp by a tbz one
15. who in wanna one do you share a brain ce... (631)
lets go
16. a day with oneus and onewe scenario (678)
17. which golcha boy do u get lost on an isl... (340)
which golden child member do you get stranded on a deserted island with!
18. your compatibility with golden child (1,346)
19. a day with golden child (594)
how you spend a day with a golcha member. 🤟🥰 this can b in the dating way or the bff way i dont car...
20. golcha energy (1,201)
which member of golden child do you share the same energy with? which golcha member's energy do...
21. a day with seventeen scenario (786)
this can b in the dating way or the bff way i dont care
22. oneus bestfriend? (819)
find out your oneus bestfriend
23. your government assigned oneweus bias (694)
find ur number one
24. your relationship with oneus and onewe (848)
25. your relationship with onewe (656)
stan onewe you cowards
26. your relationship with oneus (1,774)
27. your the boyz HUSBAND (4,963)
lol i said dent
28. your gfriend girlfriend (414)
29. your wanna one destiny (711)
30. your kpop minecraft boyfriend (417)
who is your boyfriend on minecraft
31. your relationship with golden child (1,206)
32. your government assigned broduce husband (121)
33. Your Government Assigned Golden Child Bo... (663)
find ur boy
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