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Diagnosed by 38,940 people.
1. Swimsuit Shindan (2,593)
Free! inspired
2. Your adventure in Magi! (2,820)
What do you do in the Magi universe? (Some probably make more sense than others, I need more ideas o...
1 magi
3. QR's Alice Series Husbando (193)
Contains all the main characters up to Omochabako
4. Confess to Aomine (2,833)
it won't go well...
5. Confess to Akashi (1,919)
for leslie because she needs it
6. Kuroko no Baske Confession (20,393)
You finally confessed to your crush! How does it go?
7. Your Kuroko no Basuke Family (8,189)
What kind of basketball family do you have?
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