Total people diagnosed : 6,748 people
1. You Died (2,997)
Let's see why you die
2. The Future me (962)
What will be your future?
3. Kawaii v.s Hot v.s Beautiful v.s Charmin... (717)
Who would win huh you'll guess
4. Personal Generator (498)
Be you!!
5. I'm happy when I (381)
You're happy when you're what?
6. when i have a twin. (275)
Know your name and your twin's name.
7. who did spy on you? (251)
A pervert spy on you who could it be?
8. Phantom mental model generator (203)
Your a phantom of flowrrs
9. Childhood memories with exo (174)
You're a kid what we call orphan then you are alone you saw one of the exos
10. Exo Nemesis (123)
Who would win? For me, seems like no one will win. BECAUSE THERE ALL HOT XD!!!!!!!!!!
11. My ALLIANCE (95)
1.What is your alliance? 2.How many members are there? 3.What is your place? Find out here
12. What do you think in Exos? (72)
Make it Exotic what do you think of them?
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