💗💜💙 Bicanroc with #SocialistTeeth 💙💜💗
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Bisexual Lycanroc, 25 male he/him, mild ADHD | 🔞NSFW🔞 | AntiNazi | #TeamCivilianCW2 Banner by @Poofy_Fluffkins, icon by @NommzArts #ACAB #ACAB1312 #BLM
Looming over your city


Total people diagnosed : 18,531 people
1. How big are you? (3,486)
Extremely experimental macro furry shindan. Uses 6 lists to generate and build a completely random n...
2. Another macro furry Shindan test (4,880)
Title says it all. Having some fun. Some combos may not make sense, but this is a bit more complex ...
3. Another macro furry growth game! (10,165)
Mostly intended for macro furries. This is a little game where someone grows, and it tells you every...
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