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Total people diagnosed : 13,207 people
1. Your Love Live Date (4,914)
Which girl you get a date with and what song they sing for you :^)
2. Your Love Live! OTP (4,162)
what is your love live OTP :^)
3. Your gay elsword OTP (336)
includes selfcest too LMFAO
4. shrek love test (1,123)
how in love with shrek are you
5. pickup line shindan (726)
this shindan will hit on you
6. ready to party (158)
how ready to party are you
7. dansen WARS generator (185)
diagnoses country and platoon in kamui daimon
8. english dub voice actor (506)
finds out your english dub voice actor
9. inazuma 11 player generator (702)
creates a character profile
10. shuu's coolness (29)
compares how cool you are to shuu handashinichi
11. inazuma eleven go otp (366)
what is your secret inago otp
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