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Total people diagnosed : 173,349 people
1. Your Reaction to an Ugly Person (5,510)
How you will react when facing a really unattractive person
2. Your Military Squad (7,793)
What is you military squad in the humanity's fight against the titans?
3. How big is your stomach? (5,172)
The capacity of your stomach is ...
4. Zetsuen no Tempest's realm (558)
What role will you play in the Zetsuen no Tempest's verse?
5. Your Fate in Amnesia! (1,854)
What fate awaits you as the heroine of Amnesia? Find out here!
6. Your Stalker Type! (3,405)
What kind of stalking do you do? Find out here, you stalkers!
7. Your otome game! (2,415)
Which famous otome game is the most suitable for you?
8. Youtube Activity Log (878)
What kind of videos you watch on youtube?
9. Daily Color Mood (712)
Your color mood for today is ...
10. Your Hidden Charm! (5,957)
Find out what your charm point is!
11. Psycho-Pass Crime Fighting (2,527)
What position will you have in The Public Safety Bureau?
12. Your ONE OK ROCK date! (336)
What kind of date will you have and with who from ONE OK ROCK?
13. Your Batman level (2,243)
How much of a Batman material are you?
14. Your Halloween!!! (592)
What you should be and do on Halloween!!!
15. How you eat (1,798)
The way you eat...
16. Your Cosplay (7,629)
What you should be cosplaying as!
17. You in Karaoke (794)
What things you do in karaoke? Find out! :D
18. Your Japanese Band for Today ♪ (1,195)
What Japanese band songs you should listen to today...
19. You as a Horse (1,884)
What kind of horse will you be?
20. Persona 3 Love Story (2,688)
Your love story in Persona 3 (for girls)
21. Your Dream Pet (2,971)
The pet you actually always want to have. *surprising results!*
22. Your Reaction to a Hot Person (82,015)
What you do when you see a hot opposite gender?
23. Kawaii Animal Language ( ˆヮˆ ) (5,645)
Which kawaii animal language suits you best?
24. Your Death Note Quote (6,676)
What quote from Death Note suits you most?
25. You as a Furniture (2,865)
If you were a funiture...
26. You in a band (4,225)
If you ever join a band what position will you have?
27. You as a Cat (5,320)
What kind of cat will you be?
28. You as a Pasta (672)
What kind of Italian pasta will you be?
29. Your Reborn Mafia Family (1,104)
Which mafia and what position will you have in Katekyo Hitman Reborn
30. Death by Akatsuki Member (5,916)
How and by which Akatsuki member will you die?
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