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i'm hannah, i'm tough and i like to eat rocks. art rts and lotsa stuff here, my art is here ➡ @e1ke_art B^) icon: picrew by @XXXknamXXX (she/her)


Total people diagnosed : 6,849 people
1. what would your .hack character be? (213)
//WELCOME TO THE WORLD// Username: ..... Password: ......
2. do you wear diapers (447)
*tthe sound of my diaper crinkling as i run towards you*
3. Your SecondLife avatar (333)
are you prepared for your SECONDLIFE???????
4. Tall Griffith Simulator (407)
which tall beauty will sacrifice all of your friends...
5. Who is your Dark Souls 1 boyfriend? (674)
6. Let Us Play: your claim at internet fame (4,775)
climb the internet social ladder with lettuce play
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