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THE GINGERDEADMAN they/them ENGLISH GOOD KOREAN GOOD 한국말 하지만 은어 잘 모릅니다 ㅎㅎ;; 뭔가 영어 번역도움 필요하시면 언제나 물어보세요 ^^


Total people diagnosed : 682 people
1. Who Does Akiyama Love Most? (18)
necro is desperate
2. Who Do You Fight on Top of the Millenium... (78)
@ sega contact me to include me in ur writing team
3. Who is Wrestling Naked In a Bathhouse? (146)
Yakuza Ishin Shindan
4. Who Did Saejima Shoot With His Rubber Bu... (37)
that's not a euphemism
5. What's Your Favourite Yakuza Pairin... (77)
@ sega make yakuza dating sim
6. Which Yakuza Character Are You? (326)
@ sega localize yakuza 0
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