Total people diagnosed : 9,927 people
1. DKD's Deluxe Waifu Maker (268)
You've never seen a waifu like this before! Come and put your name in (or someone else's) ...
2. The 4 feature drawing game (120)
you get 4 things to incorporate into a character that you have to draw.
3. Magical Fursona Generator (576)
A shinden that tells a little story. who will you be?
4. What pokemon are you? (All gens 2018 add... (322)
All pokemon represented. Tells you your level, nature, shiny status, and something special.
5. Best Fursona Genorator (1,860)
The furry generator with the most options you'll be able to get your paws on. Does not include ...
6. Generic Clothing generator (1,189)
Can be used for males it’s just more made for girls
7. Generic Chubbifyer (4,345)
Whatever ya know whatever
8. Clotheing Randomizer (Male) (317)
Just so I can not SUCK
9. Pet Dragon Creator (529)
Make your own dragon friend!
10. What type of nut spread are you? (108)
It’s like a buzzeed quiz but with more meaning
0 Way
11. Random warlord-sona generator (293)
To draw, just for fun times
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