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Total people diagnosed : 44,374 people
1. Whats your Fairy Tail Magic? (2,910)
2. Roleplay Element Creater (1,115)
Your life in a Roleplay Element Ill be having a lot more out on this one too I think I'm gonna ...
3. Your Jedi Within (1,117)
What type of jedi will you be? Or maybe even something else
4. How Your Life Will End (2,669)
Death is a nasty thing... But no one knows how they will die?
5. Whats Your Spirit Animal? (20,560)
Your Fuzzy Or Deadly Animal Guardian
6. Will you survive the zombie apocalypse? (2,673)
Are you a survivor?
7. Whats Your Class? (611)
Archer? Breserker?
8. What Level Are You? (1,230)
Tells you what your level is... Is your level over 9000?
9. What Greek Mythology Character Are You? (1,481)
10. What Dragon Are You?? (1,819)
11. What deadly sin are you? (4,090)
Your Sin
12. Your Special Ability (2,477)
What are you good in?
13. What Wizard Are You (547)
14. Whats Your Mythical Beast (1,075)
Whats Your Mythical Best Inside You?
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