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Total people diagnosed : 1,296 people
1. It's aruji's birthday! :D (27)
let's see how the boys celebrate aruji's day
2. Aruji's room got taken over! (160)
somEONE decided to take over aruji's room so aruji will have to find where to spend the night
3. What is aruji for Mikazuki? (76)
based on tsuwamono yume no ato, where the phrase '... after all (for mikazuki) aruji is...'...
4. Aruji finally comes back! (103)
The toubois react to aruji finally coming back from the absence
5. Aruji is absent (131)
How would the boys react to the sudden news of aruji being absent for more than a day
6. Skinshippu with aruji (160)
the toudans skinshippu with aruji
7. Toudans taking care of baby saniwa (57)
are they good babysitters?
8. 'Aruji it's past your bedtime!... (182)
the toudans find out that aruji is staying up late
9. Aruji is getting married?! (400)
how would the touken danshi reach when aruji announces she's getting married
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