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somedays, I wish I was a rat.


Total people diagnosed : 2,716 people
1. attack on titan relationships (639)
friends, lovers, rivals... we got it all
2. What type of hero are you? (140)
i put a lot of effort into this lol
3. your k-on life! (33)
get to know your life in the k-on universe
4. Demon Slayer companion generator (179)
find out ya Demon Slayer companions
5. random god/goddess generator (170)
the title says it all lol
6. what type of rwby teacher are you? (89)
find out what you teach, what your relationships are with other teachers and if you know about the r...
7. rwby companions (91)
find out your rwby companions
8. super power generator! (290)
up to 21 superpowers
9. my hero acadamia quirk generator (844)
only 9 quirks on this list
10. rwby oc generator characteristics (very ... (241)
get a random rwby oc (ง'̀-'́)ง (where they lived, graduated from, how look.)
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