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Total people diagnosed : 16,070 people
1. kpop group generator (8,141)
generate your dream kpop group!
2. you as a gym leader (850)
what would you be like as a pokemon gym leader?
3. Magical Girl Description Generator (1,157)
get a japanese name, a brief description, and stats.
4. Your Magical Weapon (1,222)
What would your magical weapon look like and what would it do? Includes a brief description and stat...
5. What is Your Familiar? (1,471)
Many different animals can be familiars. What's yours? Includes a brief description and stats.
6. You as a Classic RPG Character (463)
What would you be like as an RPG character? Includes a brief description and stats.
7. You as an Anime Girl (1,732)
What you would look like as an anime girl. Your results will probably be too long to be tweeted, sor...
8. What's Your Female Japanese Name? (775)
Find out your female Japanese name, its kanji, and its meaning. Family name comes before given name....
9. What is your original Pokemon? (259)
Creates an original Pokemon. Due to the random nature of this generator, results may be completely n...
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